Why 1 Minute Industrial Mixing?

When it comes to industrial mixing, whether that is for food, animal feed, cement products, construction materials, chemicals, or plastics, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account.

Our process starts by talking with clients about their needs and the application they intend on using our machinery. Our industrial mixers and industrial agitators come in a variety of configurations, from single or double rotor to batch and continuous designs, it is paramount all the details are readily available during our consultation process.

We recommend from the start using our PHLAUER products. These products are developed using old industrial mixing principles in a new way and, over time, we have seen that they yield predictable, reliable, and repeatable results while solving old challenges. The key to high performance industrial mixing comes from being able to mix homogenously in small samples and adding liquids and shear when necessary.

Phlauer Mixers

Main Advantages Of Industrial Mixing by Industry

The main advantages of industrial mixing in 1 minute are simple:

  • Accuracy – The speed of mixing overcomes segregation for higher accuracy to CV .5%
  • Small systems and high productions yield lower costs per ton

Depending on your industry and use for our products, our 1 minute mixing time brings other advantages as well.

  • In the food industry, heat sensitive and friable ingredients are in no danger. Our low intensity agitators do not cause the possibility of damaging your product’s integrity.
  • In the cement industry, we have made a break-through in color and pigment mixing. Our single blade paddle mixers develop color in 1 minute and are also designed to give seal life for more than 1 year – not to mention we have never failed a color test.
  • Our industrial chemical mixers and agitators are designed to handle explosive materials and are explosion-proof
  • Primarily used for the extraction of biomass oil, our industrial biomass mixers can yield nearly 100 tons per hour, which is very high considering how light biomass extractions are. Additionally, our mixers do not have the issue of lost product upon start or shut down.
  • In the plastics industry, our mixers allow you to control your heat history. Our mixers have no shear and do not generate heat. This can free you up to use fiberglass reinforcement.

While the initial investment in our machinery may be higher than other companies, the cost per ton is invariably lower. The longevity of our products play a big role in saving you money long term.

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