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We encourage our customers to look at their operation and how critical and costly downtime can be, and have a modest investment in standby parts.

Just in case you don’t invest in parts, we carry an inventory of frequently used parts, particularly for Shearmakers. In most cases we get them to you overnight.

We do encourage that if you don’t buy parts from us, to use good brand parts like the original parts in your machine. All bearings are not the same, particularly the piloted flange bearings. We used them for many years. The problem is that the tolerance on the pilot being on center is 1.5 mm. We cannot tolerate that. Good bearings won’t be that far off, but if you replace with cheap bearings, this is one good example of making a maintenance headache. For that reason, we changed to making our own precision housing, and insert bearings. We made it so a piloted flange could not be installed, but some people re-drilled it and went back to the cheap bearings. Not a good idea.

Also we have a re-build program on Shearmakers. A customer said just today that their maintenance problems went away when they got on the program. Their men saw these infrequently, and although we train, they deal with a lot pieces and don’t remember all the details. In contrast, we work on them all the time. Failures have gone from a few weeks up to an average of 30 months on our rebuild.

We do carry the purchased parts and the machined parts, so we can give you a quick turn around on a rebuild.