Cement & Mortar Mixers

Product Description


The PHLAUER™ patented mixer rotor is ideal for customizing and introducing high shear. The mixing zones are typically 10” (250 mm) served by two paddles, an outer and inner that creates randomized flow in both directions. The paddles can be notched and compensated so the mixing action is not compromised, and square Shearmaker™ blades can operated between the shafts.

Reverse knife-edge cover, stand-up grate,
and plenum to hook dust collection..

The rotor mixes to Cv. 5% in one minute. The Shearmaker™ was developed specifically to develop red and salmon colors in masonry cement which is non-sanded, in a fixed time, and these are the colors we usually design for. There is a mallard green that takes longer, and our customers just take less production on this color as it is not a big seller. Lighter colors take less time but most customers can’t package any faster, so we work on a fixed time. We believe we are the only company who can develop in non-sanded material.

All sealed bearings, spring loaded packing gland
over a hardened sleeve, split receiver.

We just started a system that had enough Shearmakers to develop in six minutes and that is exactly the time we started up and packaged saleable material. We have installations up to 5 ton batches fully developing color in 3 minutes.

When sand is added, the Shearmaker time is reduced to half, or you can use half the number of Shearmakers.

You will save 5 to 17% of your pigments.

Thinsets and mortars without color take one minute of mix time. We had one customer get a payback of 4 months because of quality and production capability from system designed by A & J.

Carbon AR400 mixer to produce 200 metric tons per shift cement adhesives.
Machine is the heart of a system we supplied and started up in Thailand
Also shows the Phlauer-Tech load cell installation kit.

This is predictable and repeatable, and performance can be guaranteedYou can produce the same product at multiple locations.

Reliability and low maintenance come from the customized hardware in the machine and the method of manufacturing. Availability to work is rated at 99.8%

One customer replaced 24 conventional mixers, increased production 40%, and saved an average of 10% on pigments.

Following are some of the features:

  • Load automatically and/or over the side – Less space required
  • Sealed Machine – requires dust collection only for manual loading. With the plenum connection, this reduces material in dust collector
  • Variety of discharges: heavy duty drop bottom, single port, dual port, end discharge – up to 3 on one machine all discharging at same rate. 8:1 power to load ratio, self adjusting
  • Low horsepower and low maintenance
  • Lower cost per ton
  • Customized for your exact needs including the hoppers and controls
  • Paddles and housing sides of 400 min. BHN heat treated alloy plate
  • Reverse knife edge sealed cover for flush top to load bags
  • Stand-up heavy-duty pipe grate
  • Seals that last and easy, low cost repair: Some customers PM just once per year
  • Rotor seals are specially designed packing gland, spring loaded, over a heat treated split replaceable shaft sleeve. End plates and rotors are re-straightened for proper seal presentation
  • Shearmaker seals are patented controlled orifice seals air-purged (COSAP). The sealing is just a film of air
  • Easy to clean
  • High volume. Each – Shearmaker will develop 12.5 cu. ft. (350 liters) of red in 3 minutes in non-sanded material. Sanded and lighter colors are faster

These features also give benefits to other industries. We have one machine doing a coating that is too abrasive for carbon steel. We supplied a machine with these features and there is no wear and very little maintenance. 100% of QC checks pass.

We have a demonstration machine with these features.

Contact us for a demonstration at your plant.