Continuous Mixers


Product Description

  • Completely randomized forward and backward mixing
  • Two rotors are put end to end to get distance to feed ingredients
  • Average dwell of 1 minute will give Cv. 5% or better
  • High volume from small machines – 150 to 12,000 cu. ft. per hour. (4,200 to 34,000 liters)
  • Works on volume controlled flood feed principle using volumetric or gravimetric feeders
  • Adjustable end continuous discharge
  • Bottom discharge for cleanout
  • No material lost on start or end of a run
  • Best suited for high volume and low number of ingredients
  • Applications: beverages, baby formula additions, detergents, ceramic; Portland cement/CKD/Flyash, nutritionals, pharmaceutical
  • Available materials: carbon, carbon AR400; stainless food grade, sanitary, and 3A

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Model 488DVCCARS Dual Rotor end-to-end Carbon AR Mixer
capable of 11,500 cu. ft. (325,000 liters) per hour.

Model AJSP 304DPCSS Dual Rotor end-to-end, 1500 cu.ft. (42,500 liters)
per hour in TP304 stainless food grade.