double rotor mixer

Double Rotor Mixers

Product Description

Stainless Contact machine 90 cu. ft.
(2550 liters) capacity with liquid addition
and Shearmakers used for
animal feed nutriceutical

Carbon machine 350 cu. ft. (11000 liters)
capacity used as a premixer ahead of
extruders in a pet food plant
at 150 tons per hour.

Carbon AR400 machine 60 cu. ft. (1700 liters)
capacity with Teflon impregnated rotors
used for finish mixing and coating
of dairy and horse feeds with
molasses, fat, mould inhibitor,
25 to 30 tons per hour.

  • PHLAUER double rotor horizontal batch mixers mix in 30 SECONDS to Cv. 5%. Each rotor is an independent mixer and adding two rotors also adds a dynamic interchange between them that reduces mix time, and makes them ideal for adding liquids. It will mix different sizes and weights of particles.
  • Very popular for low shear mixing, accurate liquid addition, high volume mixing. Examples include coffee beans, ground coffee, cereals,animal feeds, pet and aqua feed coating, convection drying.
  • Double mixers solve the transportation problem in larger mixers, over 225 cu. ft. (4250 liters) to achieve high quality.
  • High volume: we have mixers on 36 lb. (.6) bulk density doing 150 metric tonnes per hour.
  • Sizes available from 2 cu. ft. (60 liters) to 600 cu. ft. (17,000 liters).
  • Materials of construction: Carbon, Carbon/AR 400 min. Brinell, stainless steel Tp 304, Tp 316, SO17400 HT.
  • Double rotor mixers may be close to the same price as a single for the same volume. It is a function of drive costs. A double rotor mixer is closer to being square and this can give better angles and solve flowability problems with hoppers going to a single outlet. Also, there may be better angles for discharge and better access for cleaning. See Easy Cleaning. Consider the total system before deciding.
  • Double rotor mixers may be split for shipping and field assembled. Over 9 ft. wide domestically and 7 ft. by ocean, this option should be considered.

Demonstration units & CD presentations are available by request.