Commercial Aquaculture & Pet Food Mixers

PHLAUER™ Pet Food Mixers are ideal for coating, and we have a lot of experience in handling of liquids and spraying. Our machines are smaller and have lower operating costs.

The mixers have no shear so they do not damage. The fast mixing of 30 seconds means all the product is passing under the spraying system for even coating. The particle movement is fast so small coatings can be put on evenly. We have a lab test for doing 20 grams per ton and achieved a Cv. of 6.4.

pet food mixers

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Vacuum Infusions

For hard extrusions and higher percentages of liquid, we offer vacuum infusion. This process uses vacuum to remove all the air from the extrusion, then we coat it with the liquid(s), release vacuum and atmospheric pressure pushes the liquid inside. (Also see our Consumer’s Guide on vacuum coating.)

The rule of thumb is that if your product is too wet to go straight to packaging, use vacuum.

Powders can be added in the liquid, or added directly. We have developed a unique system to get even powder coatings on wet product.

Our preference is to weigh all the ingredients including the liquids. The savings in liquid will more than justify the investment.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Vacuum Infusion Mixer