Agitated Surge

agitated surge

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An agitated surge is a temporary storage device for maintaining product free-flowing to be set up with time in a hopper. The second use is to make a low profile hopper that won’t flow so the surge directs material to an outlet valve. The agitation can be a ribbon or paddles turning at very slow speed.
The unit pictured is directly under an air receiver and is handling zylitol. The unit withstands full vacuum and will withstand explosion. An explosion would move to the receiver where there is a pressure relief panel.
Take advantage of your agitated surge device for atmospheric use.
Construction of this unit is Tp304L Stainless Steel contact. Seals are air purged. All components are Atex, CE, CSA or UL approved for the application.
Various capacities available, 100 cubic foot as shown and 60 cubic foot are the most popular sizes.
We construct the units in sanitary stainless steel with a variety of finish levels suited to each application.
A&J Mixing designs our Ribbon Blenders to start under load.  This means that if something goes wrong in the middle of loading or mixing a batch, our machine will start right back up and not have to waste tens of thousands of pounds of material every year.
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