Continuous Mixers

continuous mixer

PHLAUER continuous mixers are best used for the follow applications: beverages, baby formula additions, detergents, ceramic; Portland cement/CKD/Flyash, nutritionals, pharmaceuticals. It provides High volume from small machines – 150 to 12,000 cu. ft. per hour. (4,200 to 34,000 liters). For best results, use for high volume and low number of ingredients, it also works on volume controlled flood feed principle using volumetric or gravimetric feeders. Don’t worry about losing material from your yield because you lose nothing from start to end of a run.

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Additional Configurations

continuous mixers

Model AJSP 304DPCSS Dual Rotor end-to-end, 1500 cu.ft. (42,500 liters)
per hour in TP304 stainless food grade.

Ribbon Mixer Features

PHLAUER continuous mixers have an average dwell of 1 minute  and will give Cv. 5% or better

  • Bottom discharge for cleanout
  • Available materials: carbon, carbon AR400; stainless food grade, sanitary, and 3A