RetroFits & Rebuild Kits

Retrofits and Rebuild kits are a way of getting the advantages of the patented PHLAUER™ mixing rotor, accuracy and speed at a lower investment by rebuilding your existing mixer. Retrofits & Rebuild kits are available for ribbons, Marion paddle, plow mixers, and some Forberg’s, but we evaluate each mixer for viability.
Could your company benefit from getting 2000 more batches out of your mixer? If you answered yes, than A&J Mixing’s RetroFit kits are for you!

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Mixer Details

Assuming the machine is viable, the next step is to concept a custom rotor for it, add seals, drive changes, Shearmakers, etc., and give you a firm price for the hardware. Usually we can use the existing shaft.
Upon receipt of order, we complete the engineering, create a drawing and complete installation instructions. We supply the Paddles with saddles to weld on the existing shaft, complete with a simple jig to get correct placement. Supervision is available, and we can offer installation.
It is a lower cost upgrade, and easier than replacing a worn out ribbon, particularly in a restricted space.

Why Choose Our Retrofits?

A customer purchased a new machine and they were happy with the performance and ease of maintenance. They also liked the safety offered by the low speed. They had four Littlefords buried in production equipment and removing and replacing was cost prohibitive. They asked if we could rebuild, and we did and got great results.
A customer purchased a new machine made for resisting wear and there was no significant wear. They had another ribbon mixer where the ribbon was being replaced twice a year, and was not giving good distribution of liquids. Quality problems and downtime were significant. The solution was to rebuild with our AR paddle system and install UHMW liner.
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