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Premium Quality Ribbon Mixers

We are pleased to introduce our latest ribbon mixer – AJDR Double Ribbon Mixers. All of our mixers are customized to fit your exact needs & many other options are available. We will work with you to prove we are “good people to mix with” and give you the best return on your investment.

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Mixer Details

Why We’re A Good Investment

Ribbon Mixers are a good investment for lower volumes and products that need shear. In cases requiring heat rise, ribbons are the only type of mixer that will perform the job. Our AJDR double ribbon mixers are available in a heavy duty and an extra heavy duty design. They have the same options that have made our other mixers the best in business. Features such as covers that seal , re-straightened shafts and end plates to extend seal life, are all standard. Center or end discharges are available, as well as, a drop bottom option. 
We construct the units in sanitary stainless steel with a variety of finish levels suited to each application.
We design A&J Mixing Ribbon Mixers to start under load.  Meaning, if something goes wrong in the middle of loading or mixing a batch, our machine will start right back up. This method allows us to not waste tens of thousands of pounds of material every year.

Mixer Features

Typically 5 – 7 minute mix time when starting under load allows for a good mix in a reasonable amount of time. Typically 3-5 minute mix time when loading while the mixer is running.

Mix to 1% standard deviation and Cv 10%. While the Ribbon mixer doesn’t have the speed and accuracy of a paddle, it does provide a quality mix in a large variety of applications.

  • Pan style cover doors, bolt on access doors provide access and safety to the operators.
  • Sealed pillow block bearings provide robust long lasting performance
  • Packing gland seals with spring loaded compression plate provide a tried and true sealing design
  • Outlet for a valve or port discharge for bagging or filling
  • Shaft mounted direct drive gearbox arrangement for maximum power transmission and cleanliness of operation.
  • Access door safety switch supplied to provide safety to operators