Vacuum Coater

Vacuum Coater

Check out some of A&J Mixing’s latest Vacuum Coater Mixers today. This dynamic mixer is one of our best sellers, as we expected it would be. The price/performance ratio is favorable in many industries. It is very versatile and ideal for adding shear. The majority of mixes do require shear, and it is a benefit to some customers to do no shear mixing and high shear mixing in the same machine at different times

 All of our vaccum coaters are customized to fit your exact needs & many other options are available. We will work with you to prove we are “good people to mix with” and give you the best return on your investment.

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Additional Configurations

single rotor mixers

All Stainless Food Grade 26.5 cu. ft. (750 liters) capacity, special end discharge to reduce height, used for sugar based drink.

single rotor mixers

Stainless contact mixer 8 cu. ft. (225 liters) capacity, port discharge, used for powdered paint.

Mixer Features

PHLAUER vacuum coating mixers boast a 1 minute mix time. Starting under load allows for a good mix in a reasonable amount of time.

PHLAUER vacuum mixers mix to 1/2% standard deviation and Cv of 5% with a unique low speed rotor. It will mix different sizes and weights of particle

  • Very popular for collecting cement & powdered paints. Will even pick up pigments. Guaranteed production rates
  • Predictable, repeatable and reliable performance
  • Lowest cost per ton
  • High production from a small space. Look at total cost including structure

Discharge options are drop bottom, single port, dual port, end discharge. Up to 3 discharges on one machine

  • Sizes available from 1 cu. ft. (30 liters) to 250 cu. ft. (7100 liters)
  • Materials of construction: Carbon, Carbon/AR 400 min. Brinell, stainless steel Tp 304, Tp 316, SO17400 HT