Mixer Dryers

mixer dryer systems

Mixer dryer systems have a big advantage when you have to coat and dry. Because of the PHLAUER™ high randomized particle flow, we have applications where we have reduced dramatically the amount of liquid required to coat, further reducing the amount of drying required, and giving a great payback on the investment.

Each application has to be examined before getting a calculated quote.

Conduction, convection and vacuum dryers are available for consumer purchase.

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Mixer Details

Mixer dryer systems serve well the volume niche between tray dryers and fluid beds or rotary drums. When you have to load trays for 1,000 lb. (500 kg.) per hour, it is a lot of handling. This is where you can automate a small mixer dryer and save the labor. Drying requires temperature, time, air movement, and contact with the product. A mixer dryer has good temperature control of the product, ideal for drying friable products.
Mixer dryer systems do have limitations. For example, max temperature 800 degrees; limited space to flow air; and volume—as a rule of thumb 10 tons per hour. There is also a practical limit on the removing certain amounts of moisture , probably less than 10%.
A&J Mixing offers product demonstrations to see our mixer dryer systems in action. Choose between an on-site demonstration at your shop or come to our warehouse to take a closer look. We are proud to show off exactly what our products are capable of doing. Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions.

Other Configurations

mixer dryers

Pictured above is an oven on top of a mixer.
It is used to heat Polyethylene and
EVA and spray with peroxide.
This one small piece of equipment replaced
several pieces to do the same job.

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