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double rotor mixer

Check out some of our latest PHLAUER Double Rotor Mixers. Each rotor is an independent mixer and adding two rotors also adds a dynamic interchange between them that reduces mix time, and makes them ideal for adding liquids. It will mix different sizes and weights of particles.

 We are well aware every industry has their own specifications and requirements. All of our mixers are customized to fit your exact needs & many other options are available. We will work with you to prove we are “good people to mix with” and give you the best return on your investment. Contact us today for more information, no matter what size or scale solution you need.

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Additional Configurations

double rotor mixers

Stainless Contact machine 90 cu. ft.
(2550 liters) capacity with liquid addition
and Shearmakers used for
animal feed nutriceutical

double rotor mixers

Carbon AR400 machine 60 cu. ft. (1700 liters)
capacity with Teflon impregnated rotors
used for finish mixing and coating
of dairy and horse feeds with
molasses, fat, mould inhibitor,
25 to 30 tons per hour.

Mixer Features

PHLAUER double rotor mixers provide a 30 second mix time to a standard deviation of 1/2% and Cv of 5%. Starting under load allows for a good mix in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Very popular for low shear mixing, accurate liquid addition, high volume mixing. Examples include coffee beans, ground coffee, cereals, animal feeds, pet and aqua feed coating, convection drying.
  • Double rotor mixers may be close to the same price as a single for the same volume. It is a function of drive costs. A double rotor mixer is closer to being square and this can give better angles and solve flowability problems with hoppers going to a single outlet. Also, there may be better angles for discharge and better access for cleaning. See Easy Cleaning.
  • Consider the total system before deciding.

Discharge options are drop bottom, single port, dual port, end discharge. Up to 3 discharges on one machine

  • Sizes available from 2 cu. ft. (60 liters) to 600 cu. ft. (17,000 liters).
  • Materials of construction: Carbon, Carbon/AR 400 min. Brinell, stainless steel Tp 304, Tp 316, SO17400 HT.