Biomass Mixers

PHLAUER™ Biomass Mixers shine when you need accurate dry or liquid addition mixing, high volume in a small space.

They are predictable, repeatable, and reliable.

Biomass generally is a light product so when you talk 100 plus tons per hour, it is a lot of product.

The mixer below is a side by side continuous mixer. There is no product lost on start up or shut down. The feeders put the product in the top on the drive end. As the mixer fills it is mixing, and when the fill reaches the proper fill level, it exits the idler end at the same rate that it is being fed. At the end of the run, stop the feeders and the mixer is full, run for 30-60 seconds. There is a secondary discharge on the bottom of the mixer you will open to empty the machine

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biomass mixers

The above dual rotor AJSP5512DCCS is capable of 21,600 cu. ft. per hour, that is 8.5 transport truck loads per hour.