Cement Products

A&J Mixing manufactures Severe Duty machinery for the cement industry in both single rotor and double rotor designs. The cement industry is an important part of our sales.

Our first development was a single rotor paddle mixer with Shearmakers designed specifically to develop red and salmon colors in masonry cement with a mixing rate of 3.5 tonnes in 3 minutes with only 160 hp (1 x 40 hp main drive, 8 x 15 hp Shearmakers).

The rotor will mix pigment in one minute, and the aggressive Shearmakers will repeatedly develop the color in a predictable time, a major break through.

We have never failed a color test and users have reduced pigments.

In addition to performance, it is mechanically designed to give seal life of one year or better, which means more production and less down time.

Investment and operating costs are lower.

The mixer is available with 400 minimum Brinell hardness abrasion resisting plate for the housing sides and paddle faces, a popular option.

Severe duty peripherals are also developed including discharges, bag dumps, weigh hoppers, discharge hoppers to feed baggers. All levels of controls are available.

Performance guaranteed per our T&C.

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Typical Applications:

  • Tile Grout colored and non-colored Sanded & Non-Sanded
  • Thinsets
  • Mortar
  • Self-Leveling Compounds
  • Masonry Cement with Color
  • Road Patch Compound with Fibers
  • Stucco with Color & Fibers
  • Broadcast Material with Color & Calcium Stearate
  • Cement, Fly Ash, & CKD


Are You Developing Color This Well?
These draw tests of the same formula show
undeveloped color on the left from a
typical Ribbon Blender, and fully
developed color on the right
from a PHLAUERâ„¢ mixer
and less pigment.


AJSP 558, Single Rotor, 100 cu.ft. batch
capacity, discharges either end for
bagger or bulk bags. Four PHLAUER-Techâ„¢
Shearmakers for developing color.


45 tons per hour masonry cement with full
developed color and with less pigment. Model
AJSP 559-7 carbon/AR with 10 Shearmakers.