Plastics Mixers

The basic features of PHLAUER™ Mixers have great advantage in the plastics industry.

Start with predictable, repeatable, reliable are so important when repeating colors and extruder performance.

There is no shear nor heat generation. This means you can use fiberglass reinforcement without breaking up the “logs”. No heat allows you to control your heat history.

This mixer feeds a sheet extruder. It is XP
because of metallic powders. Color
repeatability and clean-ability are important.

Model AJSP426SDVCARS plastics mixer

This model AJSP426SDVCARS is used for pavement marking paint, the reflective type of plastic that is melted and sprayed on.

The mixer can discharge from either end equally as fast. One end fills bulk bags; the other feeds a hopper to an air packer.

Machine is made of AR400 because the shale is abrasive.

Cost per ton, color repeatability, and clean-ability are all features.

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