Industrial Paddle Mixers

Get the best blend possible with our flexible and precise paddle mixers suitable for a variety of industrial use-cases.

Paddle mixers offer an excellent 30 second to 1 minute mix time which allows greater throughputs in a smaller footprint. Our paddle mixers allow for a perfect mechanical blend of 1-2% standard deviation.

Easily mix fragile or shear-sensitive materials without worrying about degradation with a low shear paddle.

Main Features:

  • 30 second – 1 minute affords greater through puts in a smaller footprint
  • Mix to 1-2% standard deviation and Cv 5% while maintaining speed and accuracy.
  • Dust tight access doors with safety switches keeps the material in the processing area and provides assured safety for operators
  • Flush air operated discharge door with no dead spot.  Ensures that every ounce of material is mixed and none is wasted.
  • Low/No shear paddle design allows for either fragile or shear sensitive materials to be mixed without degradation.
  • Our patented Shearmaker design introduces any necessary shear for mixes that require the predictable introduction of shear with a low temperature rise.
  • Liquid additions with industry leading accuracy and speed, allowing for greater throughputs
  • All electrical devices wired to a junction box for ease of installation and safety
  • All air devices piped to a solenoid bank with a lockable disconnect for safety and ease of installation and maintenance.